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Closet gay dating

Cooper and his set of cohorts live openly gay lives — and that's a good thing — but they refuse to acknowledge what the public already knows.In Anderson Cooper's specific case, we sort of understand why he won't open his mouth and let the rainbows fly.

Cooper's ,200-a-night room features a four-poster mahogany bed and views of the gardens of the former Maharaja palace.All the guy has ever wanted to do was be an old-fashioned newsman and unfortunately him coming out would make him a part of the story. Well, by having some major national news figures come out and show that they can still get blown over in a hurricane or report live from a war zone without breaking into a anti-Prop 8 rant.Every time he tried to cover something having to do with gay civil rights (or Madonna or Fire Island) plenty of people would claim that his reporting was biased because of his sexual orientation. That's right, Anderson, it's going to take you to change it.Jeremy Marks used to believe you could make a gay man straight through prayer.Despite knowing he was himself gay, as a committed evangelical Christian he was utterly convinced that homosexuality was wrong in all circumstances. “However much support we gave people it didn’t result in a change in their orientation at all,” the 60-year-old explains.

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": the room only has one bed, Maisani's "muscular," and perhaps most blatantly, he owns Eastern Bloc.

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