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Consolidating j4

Consolidate sources:=(Consolidation Array), Function:=xl Average End Sub Sub Workseet Parsing Loop To Get Data() Dim i As Integer Dim WS_Count As Integer Dim Consolidation Array() WS_Count = Active Workbook.

7) The ______ is an interagency staff group that establishes or enhances regular, timely, and collaborative working relationships between other government agency (e.g., CIA, DOS, FBI) representatives and military operational planners at the combatant commands.

Sub Workseet Parsing Loop To Get Data() Dim I as Integer Dim WS_Count as Integer Dim Consolidation Array as Variant WS_Count = Active Workbook. Count 'last worksheet Re Dim Consolidation Array(2 to WS_Count) 'Array to be Sheet2 to last worksheet For I = 2 to WS_Count Consolidation Array(I) = Worksheets(I).

Nigeria has yet to develop effective measures to address corruption, poverty, and ineffective social service systems, and mitigate the violence. S.-Nigeria Binational Commission, the two countries hold talks on five key areas: good governance, transparency, and integrity; energy and investment; regional security; Niger Delta; and agriculture and food security.The authors are also grateful to other persons such as Balasz Riglar from Ruden AS for the borehole inspection, Javier Macias and Nghia Trinh at SINTEF for developing the structural database of the boreholes, and Giovanni Gigli and Paolo Farina from Geo App for providing the Li DAR scanning survey.The authors are grateful for NFR and the management of TITANIA AS for providing the research grant.Hence, this manuscript attempts to develop a comprehensive structural model of the complete mine area in an open pit, which is the biggest in Norway with respect to its depth and area of coverage.The manuscript demonstrates on how it is possible to consolidate information from different sources in order to identify typical orientation of the detailed fractures that are associated with the main structural lineaments.

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The 30-month long civil war, which ended in January 1970, resulted in 1-3 million casualties.

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