Consolidating print servers

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Given that organizations are now comfortable with consolidating email and file servers, we will likely see other printer manufacturers follow the lead in printer-server-related consolidation services.Printer-server consolidation is a much smaller revenue opportunity than the markets for MPS or printing equipment, but it presents an opportunity for vendors like Canon to make new contact points in IT for the emerging managed content services solutions that digitize customer’s business processes.Adding different drivers for the same model will cause Administrative issues down the road and complexity.For example: When updating the a print driver that uses the PCL 6 driver, a lot of times, the Administrator might not update the PCL 5 or PS drivers which share the same files causing problems.displaylang=en&Family ID=5b73cf03-84dd-480f-98f9-526ec09e9ba8 Or you could avoid extending the schema by using GPP: 8c) Deployment via Group Policy Preference Windows XP, Windows What does this have for printing?

These services will manage print servers and drivers, as well as provide output device mapping monitoring, configuration and network attachment.Gartner advises prospective MPS customers to request a complete assessment of their printer server architecture; however, most don’t.Printer optimization is daunting enough, and adding printer infrastructure to the task means adding a separate contact point in the IT department.People typically think of printers as mechanical devices, but the most complex, failure-prone parts of print management are upstream from the printer itself, in drivers, servers and software.Using managed print services (MPS) to optimize printing infrastructure is nothing new, but most services focus on the potential for 10% to 30% cost reduction, rather than on how MPS can help to streamline IT environment staffing and services.

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The winners in this new area will plan print IT infrastructure services for the long term and will design them to help customers in a consultative way, not just as a way to sell software and cloud printing services.

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