Consolidating student loans through wells fargo Sexy dating naked pictures

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Consolidating student loans through wells fargo

Student should pay something even if it only 0 dollars a month... Wells Fargo has breach theirs contract is pursuing BORROWER, I guess is easier to pursue co-signers instead. and that interest then became principal and then we were being charged interest on this interest that became principal.So now we have to inconvenience ourselves to show proof the loan was paid in full. Wells Fargo is by far the worst bank to do business with.They refused to waive them because they've waived 2 in the past - 2 separate mistakes they made - and in the end of the day they won't even assist me in setting up a new automatic bill pay... I would like to ask Why co-signers are being pursued first by Wells Fargo and the BORROWER isn't... We are retired on fixed income, had to go back in the working world to pay this student debt...There is literally nothing they do in "customer support" other than explain the bank's actions, it's more like a PR team outsourced to India. when this student is working - regardless of who has the higher income that has nothing to do with it... student gets off with flying colors from paying his debt... Months later we received correspondence from Wells Fargo stating we owed ,000.00. My husband called and was told there was interest that wasn't paid...I haven't been looking at my statements (my fault), and until recently have been paying extra every month thinking it was going towards principal. Also, many of my monthly regular payments went to interest only.I have contacted Wells Fargo, and they gave me the run around that this is their business practice and there's nothing I can do. We have had horrible experiences with this company.I feel like this is an unethical business practice and should be stopped. The customer service is horrible, they are not helpful in any way with issues concerning repayment options. There is no flexibility with arranging payment arrangements if you need to. They also turned us into collections for past due balances which were not even due because the loan was on deferment at the time.It affected mine and my parents' credit score because they reported it to the credit agencies as late payments and there wasnt any payments owed!

Two months later, I noticed the charges weren't coming out of my account.I decided to go with a different bank, but they sent the money to my university anyway, and I didn't find out until a year later.I had to pay interest (0) for a loan I didn't want.Amazing part of this, when she got the loans we owned two houses and had double the debt, yet she was able to have us as co-signers.Tried to put in for hardship, was told have to wait till loans come due, waited till the required time then 64 fax pages later, mind you the same info needed for home purchase (I'm in real estate and know).

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I have spoke with a lawyer about this and the more people with similar situations the better our chances of tackling their overpriced lawyers and loopholes.