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Archaeologists’ evidence of Israelite settlement in the Land of Canaan and the foundation of a magnificent biblical Kingdom of David is being called into question.

According to a new Cornell University study of radiocarbon testing in the southern Levant, what little organic material researchers have unearthed that was believed by scientists to have originated at the dawn of the Israelite settlement, may not have been dated properly.

To test his hypothesis, Manning and his team used the Juniper (Juniperus Phoenicea) tree-ring record for the years 1610 to 1940 CE from a site in southern Jordan.

The isotope, which has eight neutrons and an atomic mass of 14 (thus the C-14), is mixed with oxygen and creates radioactive carbon dioxide, which is then “inhaled” by plants through photosynthesis.

Along the lines of “There Was an Old Lady,” the radioactive carbon dioxide inhaled by the plants is ingested by animals and transported through their bodies.

When the flora or the fauna die, the C-14 also begins to decay.

The smaller the amount of C-14, the older the sample.

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And here’s the rub: Anyone who has visited Sweden versus Israel in August, knows that the Mediterranean climate and growing patterns are significantly different — and it’s much, much hotter.

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