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Criteria for validating assessment tools

However, if your RTO was registered before 1 January 2015, or if you filed its application before 1 January 2015, then the cycle begins on 1 April 2015.

You can refer to this quick guide if you’re not sure when your validation schedule begins.

To check if your assessments meet the first half of Clause 1.8’s requirements, check if your assessment tools for a given training package meet its unit of competency and assessment requirements.

You need to do this before you use the assessment tools for actual assessments, hence, “pre-assessment validation”.

• compliance to assessment requirements of the relevant training package or VET accredited course; To properly address these requirements, assessment validation is split into two processes.

These are usually made up of the following: Check the student workbook for its suitability as an assessment tool.

If multiple versions of the workbook exist, check the one that your students are currently using.

You need to make sure that your assessment tool can meet both requirements separately.

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After you have finished validating, summarise your findings into a report.