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The entering into the market of a progressively increasing number of protein drugs produced in non-microbial systems has not impaired the development of products obtained in microbial cells, proving the robustness of the microbial set of cellular systems (so far ) developed for protein drug production.

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Proteins are catalysers of metabolic reactions, structural components of biological assemblies, and responsible for inter and intracellular interactions and cell signalling events that are critical for life.

Therefore, deficiencies in the production of specific polypeptides or the synthesis of mutant, non-functional versions of biologically relevant protein usually derive in pathologies that can range from mild to severe.

Interestingly, it is possible to attach or bind synthetic PTMs in the case of pegylated products [] such as human growth hormone, granulocyte colony stimulating factor, interferons alfa-2a and alfa-2b, which renders versions of the protein in serum more stable than the naked product. Furthermore, through genetic engineering of the underlying DNA, the amino acid sequence of the protein can be changed to alter its ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion) properties, as it has been observed for insulin (Table Insulin is a polypeptide of 51 amino acid, 30 of which constitute A chain, and 21 of which comprise B chain. Mutations in amino acid sequences are noted for each of the chains.

strains BL21 codon plus and Rosetta were designed for this purpose).

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