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I was privileged to hear the legendary Mabel Mercer perform it.“Once upon a time, the world was sweeter than we knew, everything was ours, how happy we were then, but somehow once upon a time never comes again.” But the memories do, and they get headier with age.We can be envious of them or irked at the passing of time.Or we can take the higher road and wish them the joy we once knew at discovering first love, which is just what Anna, the governess hired by the King of Siam, does: “Don’t cry because I’m alone,” she sings.“Good times and bum times, I’ve seen them all and my dear, I’m still here.” I know the feeling. (Click here to see Dolores Gray perform the song.) (Stephen Sondheim) Every lyric of this haunting ballad imparts wisdom that comes only with age.It’s a complicated riddle of themes, from honoring your parents’ mistakes to realizing that people aren’t always what they seem: “Witches can be right, giants can be good.” It’s about loss (“Sometimes people leave you, halfway through the wood”), but ultimately hope. (Click here to see Bernadette Peters perform the song at a concert in London.) No Time At All, (Stephen Schwartz) The composer was just 22 when he wrote this wise song that always stops the show, no matter who performs it, be it Irene Ryan, who originated the role of Berthe in 1972, Martha Raye (don’t laugh, the hammy comic was an underrated jazz singer) or Andrea Martin.

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(Click here to see Martha Raye perform the song in the show.) Old Friends, (Stephen Sondheim) Anyone who’s older knows how difficult it is to make new friends, mainly because they don’t share our history. Sondheim’s song perfectly captures the relief and joy that comes from seeing a familiar face — not having to explain the who, what, where, why and hows of your life. I love this lyric: “Time goes by, everything else keeps changing, you and I we get continued next week.” (Click here to see George Hearn and Carol Burnett perform the song in the Broadway production of (Lee Adams/Charles Strouse) Set on a Southern college campus, this 1962 musical flopped, even with a book by Mel Brooks.

But all the great crooners, starting with Tony Bennett, have recorded this poignant ballad about a spring love affair.

(Click here to see Maurice Chevalier perform the song in the movie.) I’m Still Here, Follies (Stephen Sondheim) The song, as dramatic as any Verdi aria, is sung by an aging movie queen named Carlotta who’s had more than her share of triumphs and tragedies.

Anyone who makes it past 50 knows the depth of her pain and pleasure.

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(See Larry Kert perform the song at the Tony Awards.) Send in the Clowns, (Stephen Sondheim) You’d think a song that’s been sung as much as this one would have lost its relevance.

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