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Dating a bartender

Here, six bartenders fill us in on what you should know before you date a bartender.

“Dating a bartender can be both fun and trying at the same time—not unlike any other relationship.

We work really hard and long hours, so it can be both mentally and physically taxing.

I really value my days off and like to enjoy them with the ones I love or even like.

Because bartenders depend on tips, your date will likely treat other people in the service industry well.

They remain calm around obnoxious behavior on a nightly basis. Bartenders are charming and have mastered small talk. You can swing by your partner’s place of employment without feeling awkward about it.

Having witnessed plenty of dates (and likely having lent a listening ear to many broken-hearted drinkers), your date will have a unique perspective on relationships.

Sandra Bullock, Bill Cosby and Bruce Willis all poured drinks as they pursued their current careers. (Even if your date has no plans to do anything but bartend, don’t be a career snob. Make a bartender’s day by buying him/her a drink — elsewhere.

We would rather work and make your weekly paycheck in one night.” —Morgan Zuch, Datz “I can't speak for everyone, but I know my friends who work as bartenders are all very caring and passionate individuals. They appreciate relationships of substance at home. Bartenders are on the receiving end of a lot of empty lip service and drunken flirtations at work. So if you’re feeling a little woozy or weepy, it’s not likely to scare them off. If you have bartender friends, you probably see them more during the week than on weekends.You may also notice that family members who work behind the stick are often missing from holiday gatherings.

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If we have the time, you know we are gonna hook that sweet ass up, but don’t push it.

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