Dating a cowboy

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Dating a cowboy

If you are going to commit to this long distance relationship, talk to your cowboy/cowgirl about what each of you expects from it.That way you will both be dedicated to the same goal and there won’t be any misunderstandings or hiccups along the way.If your expectations are different, it might be the time for a serious talk.Even if you are physically far away from each other, you and your cowboy or cowgirl can still do plenty of things together, like on a regular date.Texting and sending pictures a couple of times during the night out will also help.This one is particularly tricky, as everyone who’s ever been involved in long distance cowboy dating will tell you.For example you know what time your cowboy or cowgirl gets up for work, you’ll be able to send a cute (or sexy) good morning text.

For example, if you know that clubbing till 6am will upset your cowboy or cowgirl, you should probably either go out less or talk to your partner about it in order to put his or her mind at ease.

"That’d be embarrassing." I loved rocking cowboy boots and sipping whiskey at his local (read: only) tavern. Her Twitter handle should now make sense to you: @HIHEELZbrooke.

But I also love wearing stilettos and a dress to a wine bar in the West Village. If a relationship should bring out the best, truest version of you, why should I box up a huge part of my persona to fit someone else’s mold?

But when your boyfriend frequently claims he only has energy for an hour of catch-up over Facebook Messenger -- the Roy Rogers of communication forums -- you pour another glass of pinot grigio, cry, and ask yourself how that’s fair. It didn’t matter that I spent it interviewing Heidi Klum for an article before heading to an event at the Plaza Hotel. Funny how those tides turned once I became the lover he scorned. When he made "casual dinner plans" with an ex -- something I would’ve once advised him against as a pal -- I considered them treacherous and unforgivable. I imagined us galloping off into the saccharine Wyoming sunset together, forever.

But fighting and breaking up with Jack seemed scary. Jack loathed the hustle of NYC and said I’d have to move out West if we were to be together. But then I realized that my life was not a Taylor Swift song from 2004.

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Date A Cowboy is the premiere dating website for people who enjoy a country style of living and it shows on every corner.

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