Dating a man with an ex wife and children dating ukraine women with erik

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He is still continuing to do the same things they have done when they were married. He has opened his home to me and informed me that I'm always welcome there.

At this rate they are playing house, courtship etc and they will end up remarrying. I agree with all fine and dandy but now that you are in the picture, things should start to change or at least be discussed. However, I just met him and still getting to know him. They must in due time if he wants us to be together and I will bring my concerns to him. I've spent the night there more than once during the week (no intimacy) and he's stayed at my home (no intimacy).

I have been dating a man who filed for legal separation from his wife of 13 years about four months ago.

We have decided that we are dating each other exclusively and we are both excited about this new relationship.

By "second wife", I meant that he is splitting his attention between you and his ex.To commit to another relationship at this point is not good ex-etiquette on either of your parts.The future has too many, “what-ifs.” His responsibility at this juncture is to address the issues with his wife, get his ducks in a row, and then he will be free to start another relationship.If we are exclusive, should he be having dinner with his ex-wife and kids? That said, going in you must understand that life with this man will not be like a first-time relationship–you will always have to share him with his ex and his kids.Not share as you might think–share in the sense that he will continue to consider another woman’s feelings even though he is not physically involved with her because she is the mother of his children and they share custody.

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