Dating after breast cancer

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Dating after breast cancer

I was still recovering from the idea that I could die.I didn't want anyone else thinking that when they looked at me.

One guy told me that his mother had died of cancer, and the next day we nodded at each other awkwardly across the cafeteria. Like most of my friends, I waited until after college to start dating more seriously in New York City.The first day I wore my wig, I was convinced that everyone knew.But surprisingly, even some friends who knew I was going through treatment would say, "At least you didn't lose your hair!I was strategic in scheduling first dates and was careful not to let them touch my "hair." There are many stories, but many of these dates didn't progress to the point at which I would have told them about my cancer, so it didn't wasn't a big issue at the time.Now that I've been in remission for eight years, I'm still very public about my story –including my cancer survival - and sharing it to help others.

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