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Are you struggling to find the right partner online?

Online Dating has been a popular way of meeting new friends and potential partners but for many, in the light of the recent bad publicity it has attracted, it may well now be considered too risky, too public or just not for you.

“All this winking and liking and chat rooms, I don’t even like that word ‘wink’, I don’t want to be winked at. “When my husband and I dated we went out to wine bars and things like that, and we both used to make an effort to look nice and presentable.” Old Style Dating doesn’t use programmes to match subscribers, but allows people to search for potential dates themselves - they can then start chatting anonymously initially.

Dennie said: “On the site it does say dates could be going to the seaside, I know no one says seaside now, but that’s the idea.

Old Style Dating is aimed at over 25s who are genuinely seeking a romantic relationship regardless of race, job or gender.

Potential candidates must submit an image of themselves in modest dress, no beachwear or undergarments, and must specify that they are looking for long term love.

“I don’t know what it is as well with people putting lewd pictures of themselves on these places with everything showing. “I think we are overloaded these days, if you want to muck around and go on lots of dates, that’s fine and you can do that.

So please feel free to contact us by telephoning 01622 863769.Want a safer, more confidential way of meeting others seeking a proper relationship?If you're looking for the best way to meet potential partners of the highest calibre, if confidentiality and complete discretion is a must in your current circumstances, then let our highly experienced team of Personal Matchmakers search on your behalf.We will only pass on your contact details with your express permission and knowledge and then only through our matchmaking team.If that sounds like the sort of service you have been searching for, then why not get in touch today?

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Bronze Service - £495 one-off fee • We introduce you to clients on our Bronze Service • One Photograph on your profile • Provide 12 profiles over 12 months matching the criteria you are looking for.