Dating anniversary printable cards

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After creating your dates, you cut them out and put them in envelopes with the corresponding month. I chose a box so that we could put all of our photos in it afterward!You can decorate the envelopes how you please with markers or stickers or create fun little packaging for them and then place them in the box. You can look in any craft store for a photo box or if you are opting for a binder, I’ve created my own Year of Dates Binder design as well!

This Year of Dates gift is not only limited to significant others, you can also give them to your children to spend more time with them! Then, either edit them on your computer or print them out to write your dates on them yourself.

After you download and print, place your kit in a special spot so you don’t forget to utilize this valuable resource.

Better yet, try planning out your dates a few months in advance and adding them to your calendar.

Not to mention, your creative brain cells may be running on empty, especially if you did the majority of your wedding planning yourself. So how do you make sure to keep your relationship strong and close when you are exhausted, broke, or both? In a nutshell, Dating Divas offers DIY printables and projects, for everything from birthdays, holidays, parties, and – you guessed it – couples!

Actually, while all of their products are absolutely adorable and unique, they really have a certain flair for helping couples stay connected and engaged.

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