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= The Celestial Equator of Aratos, 1892 (Transactions of the Ninth Inter- national Congress of Orientalists).

= The Origin of the Ancient Northern Constellation-figures, 1897 (Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society).

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I found reason unhesitatingly to believe that throughout the earlier intercourse between Hellas and the Euphrates Valley, the former was the bor- rower ; and that the main foundations of the science were laid in the country of the Two Eivers at a period when the Greek was an uncultured, although doubtless highly intelligent, barbarian.

Lastly, I considered Babylonian astronomy subsequently to the age of Alexander, and with particular reference to the question whether the Euphrateans had an independent scientific astronomy of their own, or whether they were wholly indebted for this to Greek intellect.

I have also noticed, in very considerable detail, how the constellation-forms, with hardly an exception, reappear as coin-types, and how nearly all the most prominent of the heavenly Signs are familiar subjects in the early unnumismatic art of Asia Minor and of the Aigaion seabord.

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= Kouyunjik Collection of Cuneiform Tablets (British Museum).