Dating black man sex slave

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Dating black man sex slave

The court apparently concluded that Bourne had failed to adequately control his wife's behavior and denied his petition.

Although concentrating on the nineteenth century, Hodes wisely begins her book earlier in time by describing the marriage in 1681 between an Irish servant named Eleanor Butler and a black slave named Charles. Walsh have demonstrated that the "taboo" against interracial sex was not nearly as universal in early America as scholars like Winthrop Jordan assumed.[4] On seventeenth-century Virginia's Eastern Shore, two marriages took place between free black men and free white women in the 1650s and three more in the 1660s.

Only when southern white patriarchs began to fear the potential political and economic power of newly autonomous black men after the Civil War did the issue of white women's sexual purity enter the realm of politics.

Only then did violent intolerance replace an uneasy toleration.

Before the Civil War, southern law could tolerate a liaison between a white woman and a black man.

Indeed, communities showed little concern about such liaisons until they resulted in pregnancy and childbirth.

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