Dating body language video

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Dating body language video

When full mirroring appears it is as if each person is looking into the mirror and seeing their reflection. Mirroring or “isopraxis” is as important to lifelong friends as to strangers meeting for the first time, since mirroring is a way to test and maintain the level of rapport, or connectivity being established, between two people or groups of people.

We mirror as a form of bonding with one another, and it happens without our conscious awareness.

However, most agree that four independent signals is enough to positively identify true meaning. Next, check for “congruence.” The word congruence, as it relates to body language, refers to the degree to which body language cues in a person matches one another in terms of their meaning.

If, for example, one is speaking honestly with the palms up (an honest gesture) we can say that the body language and verbal language are congruent.

In the office, your boss might be clenching his fists, but he’s unlikely to smash your face in!

When that guy in the bar starts balling his fists, well, that’s another story! “Context” is an important factor to consider while reading people.

It is this dress that formulates the beginnings of the behaviour that eventually leads to a group’s ability to functioning in unison. It’s like saying look at the two of us, we walk the same, talk the same and our bodies move in unison, therefore we must agree! This gives the body language reader a quick assessment of a persons level of dominance or submission and comfort or discomfort. Are they hiding their breasts or chest with arm crossing, are their legs splayed out putting their ‘junk’ out on display, are their arms raised up high defying gravity showing no worries, are they cowering over in a fetal position?

Imagine, for example, a full body steeple, sometimes called “hooding” where the arms are placed behind the head and the body leans back with the legs spread wide open – a crotch display! It has been said that the feet are the most honest part of the body as it applies to the language they emit.Find out how a person usually comports themselves and if possible in more than one situation.Experts agree that reading body language requires a comparison between relaxed body language and body language that arises during emotional provocation. “Baselining” is probably one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of reading body language.Without catching the changes, body language loses its ability to indicate exactly what is going on. Next try to find at least four cues that stand out in a “cue cluster.” Look for the big stuff first like arm and leg crossing (closed body) or uncrossed (dominant and open), head tilts (interest), head down (judgment), head back (disapproval), head even (contemplating) palm up (offering/honest) palm down (authoritative), eye contact (strong or fleeting), ventral orientation (toward-liking, distancing-disliking/disinterest), proximity of body as well, such as arms and legs (close-liking, far-disliking), type of smile (even-honest, uneven-feigned/stressed), body size, large (dominant/open), small submissive/closed), touching (liking/influencing), any forms of clenching, pinching or scratching (discomfort/pacifying), use of barriers in blocking (discomfort/shielding), lip compression or biting (negative thoughts). “The rule of four”, and it’s an important one, says that you can’t attach meaning to a single gesture and accurately judge a person – you need more than one, preferably at least four.The rule of four calls on us to read cues alongside other cues commonly referred to as “cue clusters” before drawing conclusions.

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By establishing a baseline it will be possible to catch sudden changes in body language.