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Dating browning firearms

Somebody ordered a batch of these pistols with FNs older legal name marked on the slide, this was done solely to mislead buyers / collectors into believing that they were getting a genuine FN made gun. Belgian law-enforcement agencies did not use the PP or PPK.

FN never produced the PP and these were not made for the Belgian police as often claimed in U. FN has always been a Belgian company, from its inception up to the World Wars.

Majority ownership however does not mean that a company changes national identity.

During both World Wars the company was sequestered and under German control.

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We do NOT sell parts or firearms, please do not email us your "Want List" or inquiries about parts as this is not our business. FN Browning Model 1900: The Model 1899 was first produced in January 1899 and closely resembles John Browning's prototype.

The 1899 was the first of the Browning pistols to go into production at FN in January 1899.

The 1900 followed in mid 1900 after the Belgian military requested changes to the original Browning design.

Just like distinguishing the 18 models, it is important to call a pistol by its correct designation.

There is a clear distinction between the 18 models, their production run and production periods.

A frustration that advanced collectors share is the fact that the High Power and High Efficiency are rarely credited correctly.

The forerunner of the High Power was the High-Efficiency, so named by FN in 1929.

The High Efficiency model was catalogued and made available in the 1929-1930 period.

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This nomenclature should never be used today in order to identify rifles as customers did either select a 24 or a 30 model.

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