Dating descriptions really mean

Posted by / 24-Feb-2019 13:57

Dating descriptions really mean

Well, first of all, let’s get one thing straight: when people give you vague notes, it’s usually not because they’re holding something back. What exactly is it that people mean when they send these common notes on Photofeeler?

(For specific info on how to raise photo scores, there’s plenty on this blog!

Other times it can mean the photo itself looks old.

This can happen when Instagram-like filters are used that wash out the colors of a picture.

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On women's profiles: Fitness is very important to me - If you don't have a six-pack don't bother.

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One of the top reasons people leave this note is when a photo subject appears to show negative emotion. This note is also used, however, when a person’s expression seems to fall flat and ends up looking tentative or inauthentic. If you take many photos of yourself smiling, for instance, you’re bound to catch many variations in smiles. If a voter on Photofeeler thinks they detect one of the latter, they may leave this note for you. (If they routinely share such sexy photos with strangers, will they be faithful to me in a relationship?