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"They seemed, like, fatter."This time Burgess laughed, adding, "You got hankles. Norman had picked his brothers for his MVP dance choreographed to the song "Stand By Me." He picked them not just because they have been so instrumental in his life, but because many of the other competitors picked their moms.You want hankles."Fat ankles or hankles, it definitely has helped Norman's transition on the football field."Like my explosiveness went from here to here," he said. Norman likes to be different."I'm trying to express and show for sure we're going to be there for each other," Norman said on a video before the performance. I hope they don't see this."Norman had an interesting way of showing that love after the performance."He said we were trash," Phillip said with a laugh.Even Burgess, his red-headed dancing partner, hadn't heard of him before the show."If I'm 100 with you ... She got the impression from his battles with New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.and then-Dallas Cowboys star Dez Bryant that he was a trash-talker and genuine "bad boy.""I thought, 'Dear God, what am I in for at this point? Now Burgess describes Norman as humble and sweet, somebody with "a heart of gold." She's blown away that he's on "DWTS" to raise money for his Starz24 Foundation that "challenges the youth to participate and excel in areas that help develop strong interpersonal skills and awareness of the world around them."She's impressed with his dancing too, and not surprised he made the finale."Amazing," Burgess said. We've had a lot of football players on the show, some incredible, some less so.LOS ANGELES -- Josh Norman and partner Sharna Burgess were on a couch at the far end of the dance studio devouring a late-afternoon snack.They were laughing and being playful, oozing with the same chemistry that shines on the ballroom floor."Time to get back to work," Norman said as he took a last bite of chicken before rehearsal for the upcoming triple-elimination semifinals of "Dancing with the Stars: Athletes."• Michel adds excitement to Pats' RB corps • Cowboys can learn from recent past • What no deal means for Le'Veon • Q&A: Playoff teams, more in each division • Training camp dates for all 32 teams It had been a hectic month of traveling between the nation's capital and Los Angeles, along with a side trip to his hometown of Greenwood, South Carolina, to put the Washington Redskins cornerback in position to earn a runner-up finish in the show's finale on Monday night.

"I can't go out and talk trash to them on the dance floor. "We picked it up from the spot where we wanted to ..."Burgess interrupted."We? "That guy just comes out sometimes."As Burgess explained, "You need to lock that beast back up in the cage.It has taken his mind and body places that other offseason adventures -- jumping out of a plane, driving a stock car around a superspeedway -- never did."You know what, [at first] my glutes were sore," Norman said. I'm moving faster."Norman just finished the best performance of his brief dance career, garnering 9s from all four judges to finish second to Rippon in the first round of the semifinals.Burgess interrupted, "You were like, 'My butt hurts.'"Norman laughed."Pause," he said. That's what we say."Burgess added the ankles to Norman's list of aches."I felt it," Norman said. But before the votes were revealed, he had a playful moment with his brothers -- Renaldo (36), Orlando (34), Mario (31) and Phillip (29) -- on the stage at the far end of the ballroom floor.There have been no such mind games on the dance floor -- yet."It's a different kind of competition," Burgess said."They're all in a position where none of them know how to do this.

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