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Dating euro nudists

A motorboat or canoe is required to access it, which the contributor did in mid-September 2015.It was 100% nude - the writer and his wife for about 5 hours.The bulk of Samaria Gorge walkers stay near the ferry terminal end of the beach.A kilometre west of the village of Agia Roumeli is the wonderfully remote Kalogeros beach (Monk Beach).

300 m eastwards (following the E4 footpath) until you get over the low cliff sitting on the edge of the water.

Strongly recommended, a better option than stripping off at the far end of the main beach. It's particularly dire as you walk out E between the helicopter pad (all concrete and steel wire) and the local marshalling ground for litter bins. There's a small picnic and camping place under trees (remarkably litter-free when we were there) and after 300m the delightful bathing place.

Behind you the town is hidden by the low headland, in front the lightly wooded bay arcs round to Aghios Pavlos and beyond.

And when the weather is warm the stones get far too hot to walk on in bare feet.

You may want to bring some water shoes to protect yourself entering the water.

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Nor is it just a place for naturists to hide in the caves.