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Search the Internet for more sources of in-depth information on how pickup works and the physical and magnetic interaction between strings and pickups.The next figure whows the the equivalent electronic circuit schema.High-frequency signals see the same cap as a much smaller “resistance”.Caps are often used in circuits where it is desired to stop or pass the high- or low-frequency parts of the signal – often called high- and low-pass filters. At we believe that 250k tone and volume pots is a good choice of clear fendery tone with just the right amount of sparkle and low-end.

The guitar must be considered together with the amp and pedals. Tone factors Let’s list a few components and parts in the Fender Stratocaster that affect tone: In this section we’ll breefly explain how components inside the Stratocaster affects the tone.

Another wonderful Pre-CBS Strat, with an incredible flamed maple neck with brazilian rosewood board and clay dots.

Perfect Spaghetti logo, small headstock with a very beautiful figured wood, Kluson Deluxe "double line" tuners, "L" serial number.

Probably the guitar has been refretted and the nut has been replaced.

The three-way switch currently installed is new (but with the old original tip), but the original one is in the case, it's broken and I don't know if it can be fixed - but I think it's not impossible.

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The capacitance describes the cap’s ability to store electric potential – the bigger cap, the more electrical energy can be stored in it.