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It's great—really great—in spite of what some people might have you think.In August, the press pounced on The League while it was in development, labeling it "Tinder for elitists," (Huff Po) and painting its target customer as "a narcissist with an over-inflated evaluation of their own worth" (The Daily Dot).Aptly named to imply a superior caste of digital daters, The League relies on a screening algorithm that promises to keep its community "well-balanced and high-quality," so perhaps the negative press was somewhat understandable.But beneath The League's veneer of exclusivity, there's a clever, problem-solving interface that seals it: The app's strength is its function, not its flash. Here, why you should have it on your radar: #1: The privacy thing.So while the media was quick to dismiss Bradford in August—"Do you really need a Stanford MBA to launch a dating app?" read a Fortune headline, trivializing Bradford as if she were a blonde 20-something who gave more brain space to boys than to her degree from one of the best business schools in the country—her innovations speak for themselves.

But instead of an alarm clock that rattles off to-do list items or a hybrid baby monitor/conference call speaker, the 29-year-old's clutching her i Phone and swiping through a prototype of The League, her dating app that launches today.

Foreign Ph D students who wish to attend Sapienza have two options: 1) A call for applications for foreign students is issued at the end of March.

Applications are evaluated on the basis of documentation (curriculum vitae, publications, references) and knowledge of Italian is not required.

There's a girl I pass in the corridor maybe once every couple of weeks.

Once she wasn't with people so I said "hi" and gave her a nice smile, but that's all... What do Ph D students actually do to try and meet partners?

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They are evaluated exclusively on the basis of curriculum vitae, academic qualifications or interview.