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Dating friends zm

I would not mind hearing from DEC about their new products via ARPAnet mail, but I would expect considerably more technical content and considerably less of a sales pitch.

Well, if you feel that those standards are right and necessary, go right ahead and support them.I get tons of uninteresting mail, and system announcements about babies born, etc. 2) The amount of harm done by any of the cited "unfair" things the net has been used for is clearly very small.And if they have found any people any jobs, clearly they have done good.IT IS IMPERATIVE YOU INFORM YOUR USERS AND CONTRACTORS WHO ARE PROVIDED ARPANET ACCESS THE MEANING OF THIS POLICY. MAJOR RAYMOND CZAHOR CHIEF, ARPANET MANAGEMENT BRANCH, DCA 10-MAY-78 -PDT,2192;000000000001 Mail-from: SRI-KL rcvd at 7-MAY-78 1527-PDT Date: 1527-PDT From: Feinler at SRI-KL (Jake Feinler) Subject: MSGGROUP# 695 Personal comments on DEC message for Msg Group To: Stef at ISI cc: feinler Redistributed-To: [ISI]I was not going to comment (and add to the traffic) on the issue of the DEC message that was sent out, but after having several conversations with people about and around on this issue I think I will add what hopefully will be useful insight to the problem. They do not represent any official message from DCA or the NIC.There are two kinds of message that have been frowned upon on the network.

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Whether or not QUASAR is a fake is a valid topic to be discussed among the computer science community via the ARPAnet; although it is inappropriate for Msg Group.

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