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Dating get to know you questions

These questions below will help you to really get to know the romantic interest that is in your life. In fact, these questions are even great for friends and family members. If you and your date have any chemistry, then you might find that the conversation will eventually begin to flow at a comfortable pace. Either way, these questions will encourage you two to really get to know each other.

What did you like to wear when you were growing up? Were you more of a rebel, jock, or nerd in high school? Do you still keep in touch with anyone from school?

If you got engaged, how long would you want to wait before getting married?

If you are a guy, would you ever want a girl to propose to you? If you are a girl, would you ever propose to a guy?

Or you could even just be interested in knowing what his favorite ice cream flavor is.

While you can definitely come up with some questions of your own to ask, you might occasionally draw a blank even if you know that you would like to know more.

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When you meet a new potential love interest, you will want to know everything you can about them.

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