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This test, if widely applied on commercial basis, could go long way towards answering questions about the integrity of organic mega-dairies.OFARM the organic grain producers marketing agency reports that two ships bearing cargoes of organic grain were due to unload at the Port of Stockton, California during the first week of March. One from Argentina eventually unloaded its cargo as feed-grade wheat.Wilson digs into specific subsidies doled out to certain dairy plants.We cite a monthly chart of New Zealands milk solids output, showing data from 2014-2017, as well as January and February 2018.Bottom line: the Kiwis milk solids are depressed by drought and historic trends only show lower levels each month, until milk production starts picking up again in August.

Writer Jan Shepel relates how she and her dairy farmer/husband took a second look at 2018s revised MPP-Dairy safety net program and concluded that signing up for the .00/cwt. Writer Paris Reidhead takes readers on a journey that starts with reasons for the cold spring weather and concludes with advice to take advantage of cover crops on corn and soybean acreage to reduce soil loss, boost soil organic matter content, and improve crop yields.

MMPAs membership is angry at the co-ops failure to stem marketing losses.

Writer Nate Wilson gives the sorry history of New York State Gov.

DFAs payments to members are cleared monthly, not accumulated for a year.

That throws off Moodys assertion that DFA is in a healthy balance of total member payments relative to the co-ops debt.

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Agri-Mark, one of the defendants in multiple lawsuits involving NMPFs CWT program, now finds plaintiffs attorneys seeking customers who purchased cheese and/or butter at Agri-Marks cheese store in Vermont.