Dating headshots san francisco

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A retainer payment will be required to confirm the appointment.

The selected time and date will be held for 24hrs to allow time for the retainer payment. It is a non refundable fee, but it can be transferred to another date in case of emergency.

The desired effect: relaxed-yet-confident, someone that Company X or Client Z would gladly hire.

Some packages allow for an outfit change or two, which is ideal if you own your own business (you might want different shots for different sections of your website or other needs) or need different roles (one business-y shot for your Linked In profile, a dressier option for your work on a museum charity).

Most headshots are just that—an image of your face, shoulders, and neck.

Don’t distract from your visage with an overly bold print.

But know that for relatively little money (as low as 0 in some markets), you can get half an hour or an hour with a pro photographer who can use their better equipment, fancy lights, and knowhow to make you look like Mr./Ms. Their fee is also likely to include retouching and editing.

Retouching includes; color correction, facial lines, shadows, eyes, teeth, smoothing skin, make-up and hair.Additional retouched images may be purchased á la carte for per image.Advanced retouching includes all things from basic retouching and; hair color change, garments, remove and/or add objects, extending backgrounds, change color of background, darken an area or color change of an area, remove extreme wrinkles in clothing for per image.Yes, the high-tech cameras and photo editing tools on smartphones mean you might be able to use a timer or a pal with skills to capture your smiling face.Use natural or bright indoor lighting, get lots of shots, and look at our tips below for ideas.

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If you would like to have all the high resolution RAW files from the session, you may do so by paying a buy out fee of $499.