Dating hofner guitars

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Dating hofner guitars

The control panel cover went from an oval panel to rectangular control panel. A new horizontal gold script logo decal was used on the headstock Closed pickups were added with the Hofner name inside a diamond. Current lines include the Hofner Club Series and Reissue 5 Violin Basses as well as limited edition reissues such as the 1959 specification H500/1-59.Serial Number Dating 1975 to 1984 Pot Code Dating: Pots are date coded with the first 2 digits representing the week and the next digit representing the year.It seems quite clear however that the 125/126 was first introduced in 1954 and that their Club equivalents where born in 1957/58, when Selmer became the Hofner agent in the UK.When it comes to the 127/128/Club60, information is more ambiguous.

Dating Vintage Hofner basses is always tricky as transitions were often gradual and older parts can appear on newer models depending on parts supplies and other factors.We also know that there where fairly long transition periods when old parts where mixed with newer parts.Therefor instruments manufactured during the same year can have different configurations in terms of pickups and controls.A qualified guess would be that those "de luxe" models turned up around 1958, in connection with the Hofner introduction in the UK.The Hofner factory did not put serial numbers on their instruments until the early seventies.

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The 500/1 featured a hollow body, flat back (until 1962), light weight and short 30" scale.

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