Dating in bulgaria together dating service bridgewater nj

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Dating in bulgaria

In terms of looks she definitely does not have model looks, but she is attractive, slim, feminine, 29 year old that is looking for a long term relationship.

As stated earlier the chances of me meeting an English woman either in a bar / online / though friends, fitting this description would just not happen. Well first of all I will not pretend that living with a bulgarian woman is some form of paradise as it is not.

When I think of my wife, my mother-in-law, her two grandmothers and aunt, a few of her childhood friends who are all now in their thirties, her mother's hair stylist and her parents work associates, her former co-workers and the lady at the shoe store, I would say the only thing they all have in common is food. I dont understand it at all, but she's always thinking about food. Rule #1: Don't be the douche who asks reddit how to "date a BG woman".

You mean like "feed her biscuits" or "learn to play gadulka"?

The number of slim attractive women here is not good at all, the dating game really is stacked against you.

Women are women whether they are foreign or English and at times they are hard work to live with.

As someone on this forum said women are "Biological takers" and men are "Biological givers", make no mistake your Bulgarian women is just like your English woman and will take from you.

Occasionally she will ask for help with the dishes to which I always say "no that's your job" (once you start doing these thugs it become the norm, so don't do them is my advice).

In return she has no money worries, gym membership and has a really high standard of living in one of richest countries in the world (for a woman's what not to like in the UK).

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From a guy's perspective (I am not looking for the haters here): is there anything specific to know for dating a BG woman?