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MORE INFORMATION HAVEN is the largest violence prevention and support services agency in the state, providing services throughout southeastern New Hampshire. Teach children that respect, honesty and communication are cornerstones of any relationship. They need to feel respected and show respect for their partner.Through its Safe Kids, Strong Teens program HAVEN reaches over 10,000 students a year with programs on personal body safety and healthy relationships. Compromise is great when it comes to choosing what movie to watch or where to go for dinner, but no one should pressure you to compromise your personal boundaries, sense of self, feeling of safety, priorities, or your relationships with others.

Even if your teen has withdrawn from you, continue to let them know that you are there for them and they can talk to you about anything. Try to avoid demonizing their partner as this may push them farther away.

Being curious about their point of view can encourage them to share with you, even when the topic is difficult.

For the past 12 years, Emily Murphy has been a violence prevention educator for HAVEN (formerly known as Sexual Assault Support Services/SASS).

Emotional outbursts and changes in behavior don’t necessarily indicate that your teen is in an unhealthy relationship.

Keep in mind that the overall sign of an unhealthy relationship is a big imbalance of power within the relationship — with one person having significantly more power and control over the other.

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Media can be a great conversation starter about relationships and expectations.