Dating in the dark message board

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Dating in the dark message board

If you spent all weekend watching “Dark,” you probably have a few questions.

Writer Jantje Friese and director Baran bo Odar are the creative engines behind “Dark,” the latest Netflix release to spawn a bevy of message board parsing and theory-fueled online chatter.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has reportedly interrupted and shut down a massive online child abuse network after hacking into the so-called dark web in an operation that may lead to 1,500 prosecutions.

reported that federal investigators used an unprecedented approach to hack into the dark web bulletin board site named Playpen.

It’s the kind of show where answering one question means raising a handful more, all the way up until Season 1’s final moments, where a young woman offers up Jonas (and the audience) a simple, menacing invitation to what patterns would dictate might be the year 2052: “Welcome to the future.” So, what will come after that season-closing literal knockout?

In an interview with Indie Wire, Friese and Odar explained that any plans for the show going forward will have their roots in how the pair navigated the labyrinth of Season 1.

The report said that the FBI seized the North Carolina-based server running the board in February 2015 but did not shut it down immediately.

“During the process, you just realize and get other ideas, like, ‘Oh, this could be an interesting storyline with that character and we never thought about that,'” bo Odar said. If we can actually tell more about her, we will see.

“Like, for example, I love that secretary who works in the ’80s for Claudia. But just like, looking at this world, I think that there are many possibilities.

So you have to take a step back, read it all over again, map it out again, write new Post-Its.” Stefan Erhard/Netflix Navigating that web of characters forced each of them to think about where these characters’ journey started.

With people like Helge, Ulrich, Mikkel, and Jonas, who have now lived pivotal moments of their life in multiple disjointed timelines, part of the challenge going forward will be the same one that hovered over Season 1: When and where do these characters’ true selves begin?

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So, that goes back again [to] what was there first, the chicken or the egg?