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Dating inferno

It makes me excited to see what happens when suddenly she becomes the focus, as Aida has primarily been relegated to the background.

The concept of an AI gone bad isn't anything new, even within the MCU, but even with this storyline touching on a familiar idea, the set-up gives the impression SHIELD is going to take Aida's turn in a more interesting direction -- or maybe I'm just optimistic coming off the awesome conclusion of Westworld, another show featuring artificial intelligence with burgeoning sentience.

Looking ahead, there's still the Inhuman question of what Mace and Nadeer's true aims are, and the biggest question of all: what is going to happen with the LMDs?

The bait-and-switch at the end of the episode was fantastically executed, with May's disappearance seemingly coming out of nowhere after she had a role in the final fight against Eli.

This act of Season 4 has worked across the board, though Daisy was kept away from the rest of SHIELD a bit too long.

Now that she's back in the mix, we can look forward to the show digging into its next big conflict: as set up in a twist ending, Aida is going to be causing a lot of problems with LMDs.

With Daisy in the team once again, hopefully she can help cut through Mace's BS.

(The show really blew that up at the end anyway, so clearly the writers also thought some changes needed to be made.) At least being on the run with Ghost Rider gave Daisy some awesome fight scenes, and her return to SHIELD should give Chloe Bennet some fresh dramatic material to chew on.The climax at the end of the episode with Robbie and his uncle Elias might have felt a bit open ended, but that's the point. It seems like a fair assumption we'll see at least one of those two back from the space in between dimensions (or wherever they went) before the end of the season.Though we never definitively found out that Johnny Blaze was a previous Ghost Rider (though it was all but confirmed), Coulson's nod to a previous Ghost Rider seems to imply that we're going to get a bit more meat and backstory to the Spirit of Vengeance down the road -- or at least I will maintain that optimistic outlook and hope this all wasn't one elaborate Easter egg.Lungo il percorso saranno disposti oltre 30 ostacoli (circa 20 nella 3 km) naturali e artificiali. Occorrerà determinazione, grinta, coraggio e forza. Serviranno tutti i vostri muscoli e ancora più la vostra mente. Superare tutti gli ostacoli e arrivare in fondo vi farà sentire in Paradiso!Per il 2018 vengono rinnovate tutte le location del 2017.

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All of which brings us back to Jeffrey Mace, and how he fits into the rest of SHIELD.

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