Dating interfaith

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For the first few of the years I was dating these men, the fact that I was not Jewish rarely came up.

My boyfriends helped decorate my Christmas trees, attended parties hosted by my friends from church, and their parents seemed to like me.

And both men said it wasn’t a problem that I was Christian, as they considered themselves culturally, but not spiritually, Jewish.

At the very least, they were the most lackadaisical Jews I’d ever met.

The tradition seems to be passed from generation to generation: Eighty-three percent of married Jews who have just one Jewish parent are married to someone who is not Jewish.

Before I was in a serious relationship, I had considered the religious upbringing of any possible children.As we see more clearly every day in America, tolerance and respect for different cultures is vital to peaceful coexistence.And according to Riley’s research, partners in interfaith marriages are more likely to have a positive opinion of their spouse’s faith.Sure, there were some tense moments in these relationships.One of their mothers was extremely overbearing, somehow getting my cellphone number and calling me, asking where her son was.

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