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Once they even had a relationship, (see i Saved Your Life) but because of Sam, who convinced him to do it, (Saying he was "Foreign Bacon"), Freddie break up with Carly.Carly has shown possible jealousy over two girls that Freddie has possibly been attracted to (i Beat the Heat and i Hire an Idiot) since Freddie has been of guys that Carly likes in previous episodes.

She had her last asthma attack when she was seven years old.In i Christmas, it was shown that Carly's life would be very different without Sam; i Carly would never have existed and Carly would be dating Nevel Papperman.At times, Carly and Sam's fights are extremely bad, such as in i Don't Want to Fight and i Saw Him First.He’s singing John Legend‘s “All of Me” and it’s majorly swoon-worthy!Carly Shay (born July 24) is the protagonist of the TV series i Carly, and her own web show, i Carly.

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Carly has also been seen slightly flirting with Freddie (i Saved Your Life, i Start a Fanwar, etc.).