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Unfortunately, unearthing these coins in situ became increasingly difficult.Following 1967’s Six Day War, “clandestine antiquities theft had produced a growing number of coins [on the market] from within this series,” according to a 2016 article on the subject by Israel Antiquity Authority coin department head Donald Ariel called, “The Circulation of Locally Minted Persian-Period Coins in the Southern Levant.” Many coins from this period made there way to the market via looting and antiquities dealers.Additionally, the books of Ezra and Nehemiah and the second book of Chronicles testify to the building of the Second Temple upon a decree from Cyrus the Great, who ruled from 559 BCE.In the Book of Ezra, it is recorded that Darius the Great completed the construction, circa 516 BCE.This period is recorded in several books of the Hebrew Bible.The Book of Nehemiah describes the trials and tribulations of Nehemiah, once an important cup-bearer to king Artaxerxes I of Persia, who requested to be governor of Yehud/Judah to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem following the Babylonian conquest.

Some 70 percent of the recovered dirt has been wet-sifted to date, primarily at the project’s previous headquarters in Emek Ha Tsurim, abutting the Mount of Olives.Only in 1977 was it resolved that Jerusalem was indeed the location of the Yehud class mint.Writes Ariel, “Owing to the paucity of such coins in excavations within the capital, and the fact that the inscriptions on the coins did not read The Sifting Project is optimistic it will uncover even more Jerusalem-based Yehud coins in the remaining 30% of earth it has yet to investigate.But clearly based on foreign coinage, they weren’t so “Jewish” in character.“The only Jewish symbol on these coins is the lily, characteristic of Jewish art in Jerusalem and a frequent design used in the Temple,” writes Meshorer in a 1978 Biblical Archaeology Review article, “The Holy Land in Coins.” Likewise, the principle large-denomination coinage used in the region at the time was still minted outside the Holy Land.

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“Coins of smaller value came from local mints, principally Gaza and Jerusalem.

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