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I believe it was reasonable, after all their shared experiences, to expect her, over time, to soften emotionally and allow her relationship with Do-Kyung to continue, given all they had overcome to reach that point.

They had, I thought, an especially powerful lifetime which could realistically represent "love conquers all," and that Ji-An could find inspiration in her father's example of helping Do-Kyung's family and finding forgiveness and closure for all.

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Anyone who has been in a complicated relationship will 100% appreciate the writing.

The reality of the writing in regard to character development is what I'm really impressed by. The cast was amazing and delivered memorable performances, easily making this one of the best Korean dramas I have seen.

I read some comments about Ji An's character referring to her being weak but I call bs. So unfair to make him pay for his family like that, must be a Korean thing though.

Even the strongest people have a breaking point, everyone has a breaking point and this writer perfectly conveyed that. There's plenty of better written dranas with better story lines then showing greed and deseption. regretfully but i have to dump this drama by epi 13 i cant believe the writer hasnt start the drama yet when is he planned to do it by epi 20 or 30? He needed to "meet someone who could appreciate him" for who he was instead of trying to change him.

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