Dating mark gudgeon

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Dating mark gudgeon

Mr Senthy Sellaturay, Consultant Urologist (seen here with Mr Andrew Chetwood) This is the 3rd year I’ve run this award and the second year running it’s been won by a Urologist, confirming what a happy department they are.

I am grateful to our Chairman Aileen Macleish who will be making the presentation later this week.

Forget Dick Walkers' record carp, Ivan Marks legendary match wins or Dick Clegg leading England to team glory, the greatest ever story was the article featuring Ian Heaps on the South Oxford Canal.

Heapsy shows you don’t need sophisticated angling kit to catch fish, indeed he uses nothing more than a piece of twig from the hedge to triumph in the head to head verses Jim Bazeley. Fisheries with only moderate water quality would still support reasonable populations and they are found throughout most sections of river, except for the very fast flowing rocky upper reaches.

To date, the Society has 464 members and is growing steadily, probably reaching the landmark membership target of over 500 by the end of the current year.

Countless recipes abound from gudgeon pie to the deep fried version.

On the subject of ruffe, Stafford based match man, Mark Wilton, landed a four ounce plus specimen in a contest on the Staffs & Worcester a few weeks back.

I would not bet against Mark eventually breaking the ruffe record from this venue, for he is convinced that the canal will one day produce an authentic six ounce monster and he aims to be the man to capture it.

I was delighted to learn that gudgeon have been caught by this method from time to time.

The ruffe is another of the so called mini species that can be caught on a small lure, much more easily than gudgeon which are only occasionally landed.

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The team undertake a diverse range of work including looking after the Trust's £40 million worth of fish stocks, managing agreements with over 250 different angling clubs and helping more people, especially youngsters, take up angling on the canal.