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This course will cover basics of data visualization with a focus on implementation in Tableau.

On the first day, we will cover an introduction to Tableau, how, when and why to use different visualizations, and how to best represent (and avoid misrepresenting) data.

Being taught the basic concepts of programming, and the Pathway Program with all the mock interviews and Linked In advice, will ensure that there is nothing standing in your way to get your first job.Students will also learn progressive adoption of Java Script components and how to integrate components into existing client-server applications.In this lab heavy class, developers will get hands-on experience building components, integrating components together, calling APIs to bring data into components, writing unit and E2E tests for components, and deploying components to test and production environments.The Structured Query Language (SQL) is the tool that allows users to query and make sense of data stored in a relational database.This course in an introduction to relational databases and how to query data using SQL.

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Students will get hands on experience creating Dockerfiles and using them to spin up full servers in order to run web applications using SQL databases. NET frameworks and design patterns and Client side web programming (Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Web services, XML, JSON)Organizations are increasingly finding that their data is becoming an immensely valuable asset.

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