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Dating pacific islanders or samoans

In the 2010 census, 147,798 identified as "Guamanian or Chamorro".

population including those with partial Pacific Islander ancestry, enumerating about 1.4 million people. In the 2010 census 1,225,195 Americans claimed "'Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander'" as their race alone or in combination.

The Chamoru have been subject to the jurisdiction of the United States since the U. captured Guam during the Spanish–American War in 1898.

The rest of the archipelago did not become affiliated with the U. until it invaded the Japanese-occupied islands in 1944.

Samoan American is a subcategory of Polynesian American.

About 65,000 people live on American Samoa, while the US census in 20 has found 4 times the number of Samoan Americans live in the mainland USA.

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Some Marshallese came for educational opportunities, particularly for their children.