Dating pangulong erap estrada

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Dating pangulong erap estrada

Creating the environment of peace and order in which business does well so as to uplift the economy of the country.Estrada wanted to focus on the masses and put up programs for them first.Estrada was inaugurated on June 30, 1998 in the historical town of Malolos in Bulacan province in paying tribute to the cradle of the First Philippine Republic.During Estrada’s administration, the economic teamwas strong but during the latter part, the admin failed to capitalize on the gains of the previous administration.

We will bring peace and security, jobs and dignity to their lives.Estrada’s strategists were aware that there is a large percent of the population who are poor and uneducated or “masa” who were looking for a candidate whom they could relate to.Using the slogan “Erap para sa mahirap”, Estrada succeeded in inspiring the lower class people with a hope that if he wins, he will the president of the masses.That is why he was impeached due to his plunder and perjury case. The BSP was forced to intervene heavily to defend the peso raising the overnight rate from 15% to 24%.The pesa fell from 26 per dollar to 28 pesos to 40 pesos by the end of the crisis.

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He promised the masses that they will not suffer anymore and let the rich people take a share on the sacrifices.