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When one thinks about it, a well circumcised penis, with its always-bared head, pronounced rim and tightly stretched skin on the shaft, is bound to be better for sexual purposes.

I can certainly feel the flared rim inside me during sex and the tight shaft rubs me just as I need to be rubbed, as it moves. A well circumcised penis looks better, smells better, feels better and fucks better!

Of course, it could be easily pulled back and I particularly liked to do that during foreplay.And although the rate of newborn circumcision is going down in America, it was still recorded at 77% in 2010 (as opposed to 83% in the 1960s), meaning if you end up in the sack with a Yank, he's more likely than not to be snipped. I obviously have a sign on my forehead that reads 'no foreskin? ' because my next boyfriend was also freaking circumcised. I was slowly being conditioned to only like circumcised dicks. Flaccid, it looks like a shrivelly bald man in a nude-coloured onesie - it's just not as aesthetically pleasing. Many people have a strong opinion about the topic, when they don't know what the benefits are.Fast forward to me being a single, independent woman ready to experience my sexual awakening and I'm having a one-night stand with a Parisian because pourquoi pas? Considering that recent figures from the NHS say that only 3.8 % of British male babies are now circumcised (down from 20% in the 1950s), the chance of this happening was slim. And then I gave him a blowjob, assuming I needed to push his foreskin right down but that wasn't right either. ' I told my girlfriends who, having all only been with uncircumcised guys, don't understand my plight one bit. I actually like this guy (plus, I'm saving so much money not having to buy lube.) I still wonder why his penis insists on wearing a poloneck and it really does take everything in my power to not try and blow his flaccid foreskin up like a balloon (which my gay friend tells me is an actual move.) Maybe I should move to America. In my case not only do I personally agree with the pros, I agree that foreskin should be removed.We have had many contributions from men who were circumcised as adults or teenagers, and they are welcome.We understand that these will help many other men considering this issue.

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And you absolutely do NOT need to send photos of your private parts!

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