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Dating ru 1261

By 1918 Cossacks declared the complete independence of their nations and formed the independent states, the Ukrainian State, the Don Republic and the Kuban People's Republic.Cossack troops formed the effective core of the anti-Bolshevik White Army, and Cossack republics became centers for the anti-Bolshevik White movement.Variations: very early with no rosette; some with extra diamond fret markers at twelfth fret. No fret markers, twelve frets clear of body, flat fingerboard. Twelve frets clear of body, wider neck, steel strings, dot markers with diamonds at twelfth fret. K-1160 Tornado without vibrato K-1260 Tornado with vibrato K-1120 Hurricane. K-1140 Typhoon I Bass K-1240 Typhoon II Bass (catalogued as Williwaw [means Mountain Wind], but never sold under that name).Model numbers introduced: Model #1 Balladeer Model #2 Deluxe Balladeer Model #3 Classic Model #4 Josh White Shaded brown sunburst top introduced Larger floral leaf rosette appears Semi-hollowbody Electric Storm series introduced (see separate listing) Model #6 Contemporary Folk Classic appears in the catalog, but is only produced as a prototype (probably during development of Glen Campbell model), with red, green, or blue bowl color option Four-digit model numbers with K prefix introduced: K-1111 Balladeer K-1112 Custom Balladeer K-1113 Classic K-1114 Josh White K-1115 12-String K-1116 Contemporary Folk Classic (prototypes only) K-1117 Deluxe Balladeer K-1118 Glen Campbell 12-String K-1121 Artist Balladeer K-1123 Artist Classic K-1127 Glen Campbell Artist Balladeer K prefix deleted from model names 1114 Folklore introduced (reintroduction of Josh White model) 1115 12-String renamed Pacemaker 1117 Deluxe Balladeer renamed Legend 1122 Classic Balladeer introduced 1614 Electric Folklore introduced 1615 Electric Pacemaker introduced 1617 Electric Legend introduced New top finishes introduced: Red, White, or Blue Patriot Bicentennial introduced. Examples through mid 1969 have smaller body than other Electric Storms, with shorter cutaway horns.The first 26 are prototypes; #27-#61 are a non-tooling production run; #62-#76 have a new headstock design and the Kaman bar neck reinforcement. 1285 Preacher 12-String introduced 1271 Viper introduced. Both Magnum III and Magnum IV have two pickups but less radical body than Magnum I.Wooden epaulettes around soundholes change to a photographic Mylar material. Single cutaway, two single-coil pickups, 25" scale. Split-coil humbucking bridge pickup with string grooves in polepieces, four separate pickups in neck position with access holes in pickup cover to balance volumes of individual strings.

Cossack communities had developed along the latter two rivers well before the arrival of the Don Cossacks.Limited run of 1776 guitars, fancy version of Custom Legend with drum-and-flag decal and "1776*1976" on lower treble bout. First production Adamas sold is a Model 1687, #0077-95. Same bodies as other Electric Storms from mid 1969 onward.1251 Breadwinner introduced. Listed but not available until Jan.1253 Deacon 12-String introduced; a few made 1281 Preacher introduced.Adamas introduced in prototype form for artists and select dealers. Mahogany back and neck, two very large single-coil pickups, dot fret markers, textured finish (like fiberglass bowls). Mahogany body, double cutaway, two humbuckers, 241/2" scale. Breadwinners and Deacons get humbucking pickup1263 Magnum III introduced 1264 Magnum IV introduced.In the midst of the growing Moscow and Lithuanian powers, new political entities had appeared in the region, such as Moldavia and the Crimean Khanate.In 1261 some Slavic people living in the area between the Dniester and the Volga were mentioned in Ruthenian chronicles.

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They may differ slightly from the first production or official introduction dates in the text. All with natural top, Grover Rotomatic tuners, dot fret markers, white-black-white binding, small or thin rosette with figure-8 chain link motif and grape bunch at 4 o'clock position. K-1360 Thunderhead without vibrato K-1460 Thunderhead with vibrato Tornado.