Dating sims for gamecube

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Dogs and cats are more interesting and interactive.

You have to start off by teaching them simple things like following you, sitting down, etc.

Remember, it's like real life, so you will need to make your sim find a job in order to support the family and be able to buy new furniture and pet items later on.

The simoleon is still the official currency in The Sims 2 Pets, but you will have to exchange this for pet points in order to shop in Town's Square.

and then you could try other tricks like "play dead" or "high five." The learning meter shows up when you're teaching the animal, just like it does when you're studying or learning new skills like cooking, acting, etc.

Your pet won't know much at the beginning and if you don't educate it, just like in real life, he will drive you crazy and develop a difficult personality.

The sim creator is quite weak in this version, you can't really modify the facial characteristics the same way you can on the PC version.

If you are not an expert of the series yet, it's probably better that you begin by creating a small family with just one family member and a dog or a cat.

You can always adopt new pets when you're ready or start a new household with more members.

You will find the same objects as always: beds, chairs, tables and countertops, electronics, bathroom accessories, appliances, decoration items, etc.

Pet supplies have now been added to the list of items, so you can buy a new "condo" for your precious cat or maybe just a new toy.

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The fulfillment of their needs and avoidance of their fears will give your sim reward points to buy special items and uplift their mood.