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Koreans can be very much intimidated by English and shy away from girls that know none of their native language.There are some guys who are interested in dating foreigners and others who are only interested in dating Korean women.Again, going with the advice of getting out there, some girls have been hit on by going to restaurants they like and got hit on by waiters!Myeongdong is crowded with people shoulder to shoulder.Compared to a very sexless Japan, a foreign woman’s chances of dating a Korean man is quite good.In my experience, Korean guys I meet are more open-minded and have studied abroad thus susceptible to other ideas outside his country.If you sit at home all day, you’re never going to meet anyone, let alone a boy.Sites like Interpals and popular apps in Korea include: Hello Talk, 1km, Ok Cupid, and Tinder.

Some stereotypes include: Some Korean men have a fascination with white foreigners.

This can be very dangerous and something you need to be aware of.

There is a sex culture of wanting to sleep with a foreigner, especially if they don’t look Asian and even more if they’re white. You also need to watch out for if he just wants someone to teach him English.

I asked this particular question to Korean guys and got a bunch of different answers. First, I would like to point out their Korean pronunciation is on point.

When I was first learning Korean, I would study my vocabulary and listen for it in the dramas. Anyway, most men aren’t the assertive, dreamy hunks we see on all the dramas.

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Dating in Korea or dating a Korean man isn’t as hopeless as it sounds.

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