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If it comes easily to you, it is not really desired.If a mysterious person also has a naughty tendency and a penchant for violence, it makes the woman sweat adrenaline, and they love it!We all know that the undiscovered and the mysterious draw us to them, it is human psychology.It is an interesting and attractive proposition to hang out with bad boys who do not disclose their feelings much.A bad boy has usually survived a lot of things and as a result, has gained invaluable experience which other men of his age would die to possess.

The headline on the latest in-depth interview with Woody Allen calls it one “he won’t read.” That’s because Allen has, by his own admission, gone to great lengths to inoculate himself against knowing what the world thinks of him.

En este último caso se está utilizando la palabra adjuntar como verbo, mientras que, en los dos primeros se utilizaba como adjetivo.

Es por ello que he querido aclararlo en nuestro blog.

The entire point of going after a bad boy is the excitement of hunting him down and making him bend to your will.

A woman always likes a challenge in her love life and if the guy bends over easily, he is not really worth it, this is why you have so many women in seemingly tough relationships.

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"Documentación es femenino" así que se dirá "adjunta envío la documentación" o "le envío la documentación adjunta" o "la documentación que se adjunta" y "las facturas" es femenino, plural, por lo que sería "adjuntas envío las facturas".