Dating your best friend and breaking up

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Dating your best friend and breaking up

Make sure the place you choose to give him the news isn't too public.

It's uncomfortable to have others around during this sensitive time. Avoid breaking up on a holiday or during a special event (e.g., your anniversary).

Not only are these methods of communication impersonal, but they can also be disrespectful.

If you and your guy live in different places and won't see each other for a while, then it's okay to use the phone, but make sure you have enough time to talk to him without interruptions.

The rejection of your friendship offer may range from one to multiple of these reasons.

In some cases, all 4 reasons may be a contributor to the demise of the friendship.

I'm a breakup coach, and that means that I probably have a lot more experience with the exact causes of a breakup than the average person. the real reason why a relationship breaks up is always because of: Unhappiness Really, that's it.

Every single thing like cheating, taking one another for granted, jealousy, insecurity, etc, can be linked to or come from unhappiness.

Despite the obstacles, however, a life-long friendship can blossom after a romantic relationship ends.Jealousy and insecurity stems from unhappiness within oneself.The magic ratio of staying together: Instead of looking at why people break up, let's look at why people stay together.If trust has been tampered with, expect to be disappointed/hurt. Avoid Facebook features, text messages, e-mails, and phone calls at all costs.

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Cheating comes from unhappiness within oneself or from the relationship.

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