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It would open up a global dating pool of people to meet and redefine what we consider to be a long distance relationship.

And with advances in wearable technology you could experience this virtual reality wherever you wanted with people from anywhere in the world.

Biologically, humans are programmed to find people who are a good genetic match for them the most attractive in order to produce the healthiest offspring.

In 2003 it cost million to sequence DNA from a cell. DNA analysis – with the potential to unlock the innate laws of attraction – could cost as little as 00 by 2040.

The study was commissioned by relationship site e uk and compiled by MSc Management students at Imperial College Business School.

PHOTO: Did Lil Scrappy Propose to Bambi This Christmas?Erase awkward silences on a first date forever with instant access to unlimited conversation starters and live computer-generated dating advice.By 2040, the speed of data analysis will allow for this kind of real-time feedback helping technology to play an even greater role in our love life and decision-making.Increased affordability will allow more extensive research into this field, in turn giving us a clearer insight into how our own genetic make-up plays a role in physical and emotional attraction.The growing ‘hyper-connectivity’ between our devices – known as the ‘Internet of Things’ – together with the increasing popularity of wearable technology will transform how people meet by 2040.

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“We don’t really know what happens once people go on their dates,” Yagan said. Because we can kind of go on the dates with you, and if we know that you’ve been messaging on one of our apps and your phones end up sitting there next to each other for a half an hour, that’s a pretty good hint that you guys are on a date.” Looking ahead, the internet entrepreneur also believes that one key impact of online dating will be that it creates a different type of relationship.