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I would bet that no one is walking around consciously trying to avoid love.

However, when we don’t face bad habits, thoughts and actions we inhabit love from entering into our lives.

My heart is set on changing how we approach dating all together.

You might have some friends dishing out advice that sounds a little like this; “go out with those you’re attracted to” because “you just never know” or go out with someone who’s a “maybe” because if you dismiss someone too quickly you might “miss out” on a match.

Your time will either be spent dating men who have been prescreened by you for compatibility and chemistry, or working on yourself to get ready for the kind of man you are hoping to find.

Dating doesn’t need to be a drag, it doesn’t need to be a numbers game and it certainly doesn’t need to be filled with drama and pain.

Not all men are jerks and not all women are bitches. Just because you have been in a bad relationships doesn’t mean every relationship moving forward is going to be the same deal. Consciously dating makes room for the the possibility to recognize that while chemistry is important, lust is a drug and giving into those urges can leave a wake of hurt feelings if not tempered with accountability.The conscious dater seeks compatibility as well as chemistry before ever considering a date.The conscious dater is fully aware that lust is not a pathway to love and even if there is a sexual attraction, she doesn’t engage unless there is alignment in values.A quick way to determine if you are ready to consciously date and embrace loving relationships is to go deeper.Ask yourself these following questions: Your answers might surprise you.

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If you know that life is better shared then trust me, you will want to remain patient until a true partner arrives.

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