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Posted by / 11-May-2019 22:30

Mobile applications have brought new codes, which are particularly applicable to the dating experience.

Those principles are mobility, instantaneity and gamification. The essence of “meeting” someone is to be at the same place, facing each other.

Being 100, I had no idea what that meant, so, ever-curious, I swiftly – read: idiotically, with the enthusiasm of a puppy jumping into a puddle – bashed it into Google. Not to be confused with: ‘haunting’, which is essentially just ghosting but with a fun, creative twist – they carry on watching your Stories younger.

According to psychologist Martin Graff, micro-cheating is the term for that grey area that social media has made it all too easy for us to occupy. Complimented a member of the opposite sex on Insta?

How has your past experience helped inform the way you do your job?

I’m from the “app-generation”, and in an age range where most people are single and looking to mingle.

‘Tindstagramming’: linking your Insta profile to The App That Cannot Be Named and having someone slide in your DMs there instead. How do different cultures shape the way you position the Happn brand? The desire to find someone again is a universal story.And these are the pillars to Happn’s concept, therefore it transcends all cultural differences.‘R-bombing’: where someone leaves their read receipts on, not even allowing you the kind uncertainty to wonder whether you’ve actually been snubbed or if they’ve just died instead. I have to hand it to them: if there’s a higher-power dating consortium coming up with terms for these microclimates, they’re nailing it.

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