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One of his first official acts in Chfin was to summon the people and in- form them that he was doing away with the severe and cruel laws of Chfin — an act which helped him greatly when he had later to reconquer the region.

At the surrender of the Chfin king, he was careful to be generous and indulgent and to avoid plundering the people.

When the Emperor Hsiao-hui died, the Empress Dowager nee Lii was unable to obtain any effective power until one of the great officials suggested to her that she appoint her two nephews to the highest positions in the government and other members of her own family as kings.

The custom that the ruler act at the suggestion of his important subordinates was a real and often effective limitation upon the imperial power.

381 Goetze, a.; Review of Ungnad’s Subartu 104 Review of Sturtevant’s A Hittite Glossary 109 Golomshtok, E. After it had been made, she rewarded very highly the person who first sug- gested it.

Hntil that suggestion was 174 Homer E, Dubs macle^ she could only spend her time weeping helplessly.

When Hsiang Yu gave him a kingdom in Han, he claimed that injustice had been done because a covenant had been broken.

' He refused to exact food from the people for his army, preferring to use that stored up in the government ^ Duyvendak, The Book of Lord Shang, p. 172 The Attitude of Han Kao-Tsu to Confucianism 173 granaries.

1937 A copy of this volume, postage paid, may be obtained anywhere within the limits of the Universal Postal Union, by sending a Postal Money Order for six dollars, or its equiva- lent, to the Yale University Press, New Haven, Connecticut, United States of America. The first chancellor who was not even a son of Kao-ts Ys followers, was Wei Wan, appointed in 143 b. Thus Kao-tsifis followers con- trolled the government for sixty years after his coronation. Capable men have already shared with me in its pacification.

201 Review of Escarra’s Le Droit Chinois 203 Review of Creel’s The Birth of China 348 Review of Phelp’s Omei Illustrated Guide Book 349 — — Review of Siguret’s Tem'itoires et Populations des Confins du Yminan 350 Review of Teng and Biggerstaff’s An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Chmese Refei'ence Works 350 4 Review of Brandt’s hitroduction to Literary Chinese .... He realized that he was handi- capped by his peasant birth, and knew that he must gain the good-will of the people in order to maintain his rule.

: Prohibition of Import of Certain Chinese Books and the Policy of the Edo Government Review of Riband’s Le Yieux Japon Review of Beaujard’s Les Notes de Chevet de Sei Shdnagon, Dame d^Honneur au Palais se Kyoto Review of Suzuki’s An Introduction to Zen Buddhism . : Review of Stchoukine’s La Peinture Iranienne, sous les derniers Ahhasides et les Il-Khdns 120 Sbeyock, J. : Two Far Eastern Bibliographical i^otes 421 Review of Brandt’s Modern Newspaper Chinese 195 Review of Ware’s Y ocahularies to the Elementary Chinese Texts used at Harva^'d University 195 — Review of Sawakichi’s Grundriss der Ju-Lehre 196 Review of Liu’s A Btudy of the Tattooing Gtistom among the Li of Hainan Islayid 198 Review of Coyajee’s Cults and Legends of Ancient Iran and China 198 Review of Li-Ch'en’s A7inual Customs and Festivals in Peking 204 Review of Watts’ The Spirit of Zen 204 Review of Hart’s The West Chamber 205 Review of Wimstatt’a Selling Wilted Peonies 206 Review of Liebenthal’s The Sutra of the Lord of Healing . 207 Review of Herrmann’s Historical a7id Commercial Atlas of China 200 Review of Levis’ Fou7idatio7is of Chhiese Musical Art .... 438 — Review of Williamson’s Wang An Shih, Vol, II 440 Review of Arlington and Acton’s Famous Chinese Plays . While Kao-tsu adopted many of the Chfin practices, he neverthe- less realized that what the people most condemned in the Chfin rule was precisely this unreasoning absolutism, and he carefully avoided any semblance of such absolutism.

Perhaps this was the reason that the high officials tolerated the criminal Empress Dowager nee Lii as long as she was alive.

As long as any of Kao-tsffis companions were alive, they and no others were given the important positions in the government.

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